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Chester By Mariscal: the conversion of a classic

12 febrero 2015
"Everything, even the good classics, may be converted". Javier Mariscal, perfectly defines the aim of his coop with Canella Furniture, the old-timer high standing furniture manufacturer based in Picassent (Valencia).

Feria Habitat Valencia Show, the most important furniture and decoration trade show worldwide, has been chosen as the perfect spot to unveil this brand new groundbreaking project. A long presentation day that started at 12.30 pm at the Canella Furniture stand in the show, where Javier Mariscal presented his Chester to the media.

The proposal of the valencian designer was to give a spin to the classical and everlasting Chester that Canella Furniture spent years selling worldwide, and that up to the moment was available in its catalogue in a range of green, brown and grey colour shades as well as  in leather finishing.

Quoting Mariscal, the challenge was to convert the work piece, so taking as an inspiration the same Canella catalogue, came up with the idea of adding new colours, playing with the quilted diamond pattern and where the colours "gets closer and closer, lashing out inwards, so that the upholstery flows outside in a colour and diamond shape". Respecting sizes, quilting and sewing artisan processes and adapting it into the own designer creativity, the result is a final masterpiece that joins two distant worlds, the classical furniture and the most contemporary design. The sofa will  be available in different colours and sizes, from one to three seats.

Salvador Jimenez, CEO of Canella Furniture, said that "the aim of the project was to go for the inclusion of the latest designs, in order to help the firm to reach new markets and customers, while relying on a renown designer".


Closing party at the Mercado de Colón

The launching of the new piece had its culmination at the Showboom event, one the complementary events organized by Habitat Valencia during the week. In this emblematic spot, the Mercado de Colón, Canella Furniture offered to media, customers and distributors a special room designed by the valencian designer José Maria Ferrero. A place where attendees had the chance to sit on a 3 seats Chester along with Javier Mariscal, who hosted all the people that attended the event.