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Other news

Canella Furniture launches its Chester By Javier Mariscal at Valencia International Furniture Show

03 febrero 2015
Mariscal will present the 1st International Classic Furniture Design Contest Award at The Nude Show. Another venue at "Mercado de Colón" will host other events throughout the week.

Canella Furniture will attend the Valencia International Furniture Show, that will take place from the 9th until the 13th of February in Valencia, in the exhibition booth E-131 Pavilion N2-P6. Interesting 2015 novelties will be introduced to industry, which  will mark the lines of work that the brand will carry in the coming years.


New Klass collection and Chester by Javier Mariscal

The new Klass Collection, a new line designed by the Valencian designer José Vicente Puchades will be released at the show. This new collection combines  the use of new materials and designs in order to mark a new style for the firm. The aim is to present a luxury furnishing collection, current and groundbreaking, based on eclecticism and redefining it into a contemporary style with great personality. The use of an exquisite artisan craftsmanship and technological innovation becomes the manufacturing base of the collection, giving the little details  elegance, sophistication and glamour.

Along with this new collection,  the newly Luxor Vohen Collection and the Alemán Collection, with which Canella recently furnished the Constitutional Court of Gabon, will also be released.

Other Canella Furniture novelties  will be the presentation of the new chesterfield carried out by Javier Mariscal that  will star the 2015 collection.


Award Ceremony of the First International Classic Furniture Design Contest

The 1st International Classic Furniture Design Contest targeted to young design students and organized by Canella Furniture, will announce its winner on Wednesday 11th at 17: 45h, at Nude, the annual event for novice designers, design schools and businesses, located at  Valencia International Furniture Show.

The contest, which has generated expectation within the scope of young designers, has received projects at national and international level. A professional jury, formed  by the CEO of the company, Salvador Jimenez and a set of designers and other industry leaders  will decide the winner of this first edition contest, and himself Javier Mariscal will present the award  to the winner.


Showboom at Mercado de Colón, a different venue

Complementing its presence in the show, from 10th to 13th February, Canella Furniture will attend Showboom Valencia with a unique booth in the "Mercado de Colón" in Valencia.

For the design of this new space, Canella Furniture has relied on Valencia Estudi Hac, led by its founder Jose Manuel Ferrero aiming to create a different space with a fresh air that will surprise our  visitors.

The highlight of the event will be on Wednesday 11th. A cocktail reception, enlivened by a Jazz duet, will be offered  to press and customers from 20h to 23h. It will be the ideal time for the CEO Salvador Jimenez and Javier Mariscal, to meet the media and present the Chester By Javier Mariscal.