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Canella will present the new collection Klass and the new line of sofas on Feria Habitat Valencia 2015

20 enero 2015
Habitat Fair 2015 will be the coming-out of these new lines for the international market, in addition, there will be special guests and many surprises during the five days that will last the fair.

Canella Mobiliario has prepared a busy schedule of novelties for its presence at the Feria Habitat Valencia. After more than a year of work, the company headquartered in Picassent will launch at the Habitat Valencia Fair various novelties that will mark the future of the company next year.

The new collection Klass will be released in this event, a new line for which it has enjoyed the Valencian designer Jose Vicente Puchades. This new collection will combine the use of new materials and designs with which it is intended to mark a new style for Canella.

Along with this new collection and in a stand of 100 m2, will present the recently released collection Luxor Vohen and internationally known Alemán series, with which Canella recently furnished the Constitutional Court of Gabon.

New collection of sofas and presence at the Showboom

Another of the great innovations of Canella in this fair, will be presenting its new collection of sofas, which will be presented to the market with a new piece by a renowned designer who will be revealed in the coming days.

The presentation of this iconic original sofa is held at the Columbus Market of Valencia, a spectacular building in the center of the city of Turia in the framework of the so called Showboom. There an exhibition of 25 m2 on Wednesday 11th will mount a cocktail and a concert will be offered to present the new product line.

Resolution of the winner of the First International Furniture Design Competition

The international design competition aimed at young students of the sector will announce the winner in the bosom of Feria Habitat Valencia during the 9th and February 13th. A professional jury consisting of the company president, Salvador Jimenez, and a set of designers and industry professionals will decide the winner of the first edition of this contest.